Profiting by Cutting Ties with Excess

You need to capitalize on some of your assets. Selling your unused equipment isn’t the only concern; the real estate and vehicles you picked up via liquidations and bankruptcies also need attention.

Finding a buyer of surplus products isn’t too hard. The really difficult task is going to be locating a surplus purchaser you can rely on, particularly when it’ll take more than just a few trucks to get rid of the items you want to sell. The scant storage space you are likely to have is extremely precious.  Therefore, maximize the benefits you get from owning it by finding someone to cart all the contents away, regardless of what they are.

Some liquidations and bankruptcies leave you with a grab bag of sorts.  Make sure you can find someone who will reliably remove whatever you don’t want. Why spend money on a service like surplus removal only to be told that you’ll have to call someone else for part of the job? Turnkey surplus purchasing and removal packages save time as well as make more money for you!

A good buyer of surplus products always shows up on time and always gives you competitive market prices for your extra goods. Never settle for a surplus products buyer that isn’t ready to take care of everything, because you’ll find that they only leave you with more work to do later on. Allow the experienced professionals at Orkin Industrial Surplus turn your excess goods into cash for you by calling (713) 662-3881 today!