Experienced Auctioneer Achieves Top Prices for your Possessions

An auctioneer will weave a spell over their audience with a rhythmic cadence all their own. They entice their audience to bid on each special item shown for sale. Auctioneers are facilitators of a bidding audience. They are the seller’s agent to achieve maximum value for their possessions. The auctioneer works the audience to move bids higher and higher. The right auctioneer with the right crowd can perform magic for the seller.

Auctions have existed as far back as 500 B.C., when auctioneers enticed Babylonian men to purchase a wedding bride. Today’s qualified Houston auctioneers match buyers to products for everything from baby bassinets to power tools. Texas auctioneering service has been an essential part of the livestock auctions that are an integral part of the area’s history. A good auctioneer can sell anything at any venue.

Texas Auctioneers

Auctioneers are charged with obtaining the highest possible price for items to be sold. Some auctions will establish a floor price and not sell the item if it does not achieve this minimum. To achieve their goal of raising the highest price, the auctioneer will develop a rapport with the buyers.

This may be accomplished by a quick witty story or some interesting nugget of information about the item up for sale. The successful auctioneer will key in on the major buyers and give them a little special attention. Sometimes two or more buyers will express interest in the same item. The auctioneer will facilitate the challenge extended between buyers. The audience is enthralled. Who will walk away with the trophy?

A seasoned Houston auctioneer providing quality Texas auctioneering service can provide invaluable tips regarding such things as advertising, seating and presentation flow for the novice seller. Appraisal referrals is another service a professional auctioneer can offer the seller for rare, unusual or very old items.

Hiring an experienced, licensed auctioneer is critical when choosing an auctioneering service to move your merchandise. Receive the exceptional turnkey auction services you need today by calling (713) 662-3881 to speak with the professional auctioneer at Orkin Industrial Surplus.

“Now who will give me a hundred for this beautiful gold leaf hall mirror? Now two? Who’ll make it three?”